It’s a blue day around my house today. Our beloved golden, Curry, whom we called Bear, passed away suddenly last night.

Third and Curry Bear.

 If you’ve had goldens, then you get it. I’m not minimizing the affection between other breeds of dogs and their owners, but…well, it’s just that goldens…there is just something about them…

Curry in his my favorite chair.

Curry in my his favorite chair.

Bear was my 24/7 shadow. A big, hairy, always-shedding, brown-eyed sweetheart who thought I hung the moon. He was the family dog, but, in truth, he was my dog. We were fast friends. And, he was supposed to be my comfort buddy when the nest went completely empty next year. We had plans.

My house is too big without him, now. I didn’t realize how much space too took up in our home, or in my heart. There is so much I am going to mis about him.

I’m going to miss having to vacuum the room three times before I lay my quilt blocks on the floor.

I’m going to miss still seeing his hair on my blocks even though I vacuumed three times.

I’m going to miss him walking on my perfectly smoothed-out, layered quilts.

I’m going to miss him lying right by my feet when I’m sewing.

I’m going to miss him being underfoot when I’m cooking, brushing my teeth, cleaning, or just trying to get from one room to the other without stumbling over him.

I’m just going to miss him. Period.

So, since the snow is deep (for Oklahoma) and the roads are cruddy, I’m staying inside to quilt and think about Bear.

And, being that it’s Monday, that means it’s…


I’m working on a QAL with Material Girl. These are the blocks I completed today for this week. I’m not 100% sure I’m in love with the color combos. But, it’s a sampler quilt, so they’ll probably be fine.

imageI’ve never named a quilt before, but maybe I’ll name this one, “Curry’s Quilt”. Seems fitting.

Good-bye, old boy. We will sure miss you.

Good-bye, old boy. We sure will miss you.