Now that my TV shows are back on, I have to have some hand-work projects to do while I watch them. It’s how I justify those two hours in front of The Voice on Monday nights… annnnd that other hour of The Voice and the two hours of NCIS on Tuesdays. I’m not proud. But, hey, give me some props, at least I am trying to be productive.

I’m a fan of English paper piecing. It takes forever, it’s tedious, and did I mention it takes forever? But I’m still a fan.

This is my latest EPP project. It’s also my Anything Goes Monday project.

Moda's charm pack cut into fourths.

Moda’s Printemps charm pack cut into fourths.

I’m really not sure where I’m headed with this EPP journey, but since I have about four-gazillion more flowers to make, I’ve got time to come up with something.

And, really, isn’t that half the fun? Some of my favorite quilts are the ones I made up as I went along.

Like this one, for instance.

Back when Thimbleberries were the darling of the quilting world.

Back when Thimbleberries were the darling of the quilting world.

I was teaching my niece Emily to quilt. We were going to do just one block. Well, four days and about as many trips to the quilt store later and we made the above beauty. We went nuts with the details and different techniques. It was, by far, the most fun I’ve ever had quilting.

Another aspect of quilting that I love, love, love is the gizmos. You know, our tools of the trade. Because I have my own estate sale business, I get to see a lot of great retro sewing gizmos. I especially love mid-century gizmos.

This is my newest find:

Circa 70s sewing box.

Circa 70s sewing box.

Is this cool or what?

A place for everything...

A place for everything…

...and everything in its place.

…and everything in its place.

Speaking of gizmos, now that I’m the ripe old age of…ahem…forty-something, all that EPP put quite a strain on the old eyes, which necessitated this new gizmo:

Hello lighted magnifying glass.

Hello, lighted magnifying glass. I love how you make everything look…



Like I said, gizmos are half the fun. Gizmos are where it’s at.

Happy Day!