The Happy Day quilt is quilted!


I stipple-quilted it because I absolutely LOVE the look of stippling. Now, I make no claims of being any good at stippling, mind you, (so don’t look too closely) but I gave it a shot, nonetheless.

Overall, I’m really pleased with the result. I used an aqua marine blue Minky on the back because, well, because it’s Minky and it’s sooofffft.


To keep things from slipping around – because Minky may be soft, but it’s also a slippery little devil – I used 505 Spray and Fix. Worked like an absolute charm!

Bye, bye pinning. I've got a new best friend.

Bye, bye pinning. I’ve got a new best friend.

I’ve got to find the perfect binding and get it on ASAP if I want to make my goal of finishing it in March for my first finish in A Year of Lovely Finishes. (Lots of ‘finish’ in that sentence, right?)

The rush is due to the fact that we are gearing up for an estate sale the first weekend in April. I’m like a horse with side blinders when I prepare a sale. A lot goes by the wayside. Things like preparing meals, housework, sleeping…you know, stuff like that. So I’m pretty sure quilting will take a hit as well.

This sale should be especially fun since my client informed me that she has lots of vintage quilts she wants to sell! I know, right?

One last look at the nearly finished Happy Day Quilt as it sits quasi-draped over the battered chair that used to be the rocking chair in the nursery. It’s well-worn with love, just like I hope this quilt will be.

Pretty little quilt in a ratty old chair.

Pretty little quilt in a ratty old chair.

Happy Day!