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Day 2: Trash-out Day and the Philosophy of Life

Day 3: How I Became an Estate Sale Gig Master

Day 4: Myth Busters: The Estate Sale Episode

Day 5: Life Happened.

Day 6: Life Happened again.

Day 7: Pyrex Love

Day 8:

Day 9: Rockin’ the Oldies

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Day 12:

Day 13: Watching Your Own Surgery is Not Advised

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Day 27: Turning Failure into Accomplishment: It’s All About Perspective


Day One:

Thirty-one days of writing about…setting up an estate sale. I know, it sounds like a snooze, but, seriously, this is the stuff reality shows are made of.

But, first, a bit about the nut (me) you will be dealing with for the next 31 Days.

I’ve been blogging quasi-irregularly since 2005. My first blog was a political one necessitated by mounting frustration over the goings on in D.C. That blog is still up and running, but it doesn’t get much attention. To keep it going on a regular basis requires large quantities of blood pressure medicine, Xanax, and other various forms of escapism. Political blogging these days isn’t for the faint of heart. I still post some pieces at Redstate.com, but honestly, it just makes me grouchy.

From that blog I branched out and started a theological blog. Because I’m such a theological wizard…not. But I thought I was. Looking back I realize that the best thing about that blog was the amazing header I created on Photoshop. Seriously, some of my best work.

I’ve dabbled around Blogger, Typepad, and WordPress pimping for an audience.


Because I’m a writer.

At least I think I am. I’ve always thought of myself as one. (I haven’t really decided if it’s writing that I like or being read. I’m pretty sure it’s the latter.  So does that make me a reader (pronounced ‘redder’)? But I digress…)

Trouble is, I’m one of those writers who has to shut herself away. And I mean away. Away from all distractions…and people. I need a secluded cabin in upstate New York to hole-up in. People really bug me when I’m writing. This isn’t good when you take into account that for the last 17 years I’ve been homeschooling my kids. Not a lot of room for holing up when you’re the full-time schoolmarm.

Now, I know a lot of homeschool moms manage to churn out Merit Scholars and still have a viable writing life. That’s dandy, but it’s not me. (I have a special stink-eye reserved for those women.) When I’m done writing and I emerge from my writing cave, I have the darndest time assimilating myself back among the living, breathing, functional world. It’s not pretty.

So the writing has been sporadic at best. And when I’ve written regularly, I’ve had to drink my sense of accomplishment with a splash of guilt.

But Third is a senior this year and I have given him over to the world of concurrent classes at the local college. In a nutshell, except for some graduation formalities, I’m D.O.N.E. I’m pretty pumped about that. Third is even more so.

I cannot believe that's my youngest, Number Three!

Yep, that’s Third. We kinda like him.

This blog is called A Graceful Exit, and it’s a journal of sorts of my exit (not always graceful, mind you) from my homeschool season into this new “just who the heck am I, anyway?” season.

I was writing pretty regularly but, as my last post in March clearly shows, I had to take yet another hiatus. This time for my estate sale business, The Great Estate.

But, thanks to the 31Days Challenge, I’m back and ready to give you the “inside baseball” or the behind the scenes of setting up an estate sale. This works out perfectly since our next sale is on October 31!